• 1 Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technology “Acad. A. Balevski” with Hydro- and Aerodynamics Center – BAS, Sofia, Bulgaria


Bulgaria has a variety of deposits (mainly in northeastern Bulgaria) of sedimentary rocks (marls) suitable for the development of compounding formulations and technology for the production of stone products. On the basis of some of these sedimentary rocks (marls), experimental technologies for innovative formulations with modifiers for usable petrurgical materials are developed and tested. The first prototypes of ballistic protection products are obtained, with physic-mechanical properties better than those when only natural sedimentary rock is used, and lighter and cheaper than in the case of corundum and silicon carbide.
The properties of these materials allow for certain alternative applications such as the ballistic protection of ground-based mobile and stationary objects. They also make possible the production of quality articles with protective properties against high-speed kinetic effects, but at significantly lower cost than when traditional materials are used.



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