Flank wear of surface textured tool in dry turning of AISI 4140 steel

  • 1 Department of Material and Manufacturing Technologies, Yildiz Technical University – Istanbul, Turkey


Surface texturing on a cutting tool is a process which can provide reduction in friction, improved performance of a contact interface and a better tool life. In this paper, influence of surface texturing on tool wear of both textured and non-textured tools were compared. Different textures were applied on coated carbide tools by Femtosecond laser to enchance the wear resistance. Dry cutting experiments on AISI 4140 (32 HRC) were carried out with conventional cutting inserts having parallel and perpendicular textured sufaces to the cutting edge on the flank face. Finally, results showed that surface texturing of cuttting insert was found to be beneficial to the decrease of the flank wear.



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