Testing of automaticized system for complex non-destructive study of metallic materials

  • 1 Technical University-Sofia
  • 2 Institute of Mechanics - BAS
  • 3 Todor Kableshkov University of Technology


Presented a program to test the automatized system complex non-destructive testing of structure and physical and mechanical properties of samples and products from metallic materials. The system consists of several modular devices that measure two non-destructive information parameters based on methods with different physical bases (magnetic, acoustic, thermoelectric, etc.). In the work are presented only two modular unit – MULTITEST MC010 for testing ferromagnetic materials, using the methods of measurement of the magnetic noise voltage and magnetoacoustic emission and MULTITEST CD010 for testing of metallic materials with the methods for measuring the speed and the attenuation coefficient of ultrasonic waves in the materials. Have been developed – general methodology of the system for testing / measuring equipment and methods for calibration and metrological instruments in operation of the system in a complex  non-destructive testing. Conclusions are made on the reliability of system measurements when used in complex non-destructive control of metallic materials.



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