Study of the opportunities for building and management of flexible small and medium enterprises in Bulgaria

  • 1 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Industrial Management – Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria


With transition to the 21st century, there are radical changes that influence on every aspect of the business, including how goods and services are produced. With the launch of Internet and high-speed communication, the market has indeed become global and fragmented. Customers require smaller quantities and more personalized products. Traditional production, with its broad approach and static organizational style, can no longer compete in global markets. Customers are now looking for more flexibility, shorter delivery times and more diverse products and services. The flexibility of an enterprise makes it possible not only to adapt to the rapidly changing environment but also to the opportunities it provides. The flexible enterprise is able quickly to reorganize its people, management, technology, equipment and operational philosophy to produce products and services tailored to customer needs or new markets. Flexibility is a strategic solution for survival in today’s market conditions. Small and medium-sized enterprises are doomed to operate flexibly.



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