Research and justification of the possibilities, relevance and correctness of the monitoring and correction of the strategy, diagnosis of the prospects of its further use on industrial enterprises

  • 1 Zaporizhzhia National University, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine
  • 2 National University «KPI» Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 3 Lithuanian Sports University, Kaunas, Lithuania
  • 4 Kazakh National University named after Abai, Аlmaty, Kazakhstan


It is established that the main activities include: exercising control over the rational use of resources; reducing the cost of using and maintaining outdated equipment; increasing of production capacity; upgrading of equipment; improvement of production technology; production of unique products and improvement of their quality; diversification; automation of the production process by eliminating manual labor; reduction of pollutant emissions, search for new sources of raw materials; rational use of working capital and fixed assets. It is noted that marketing directions in the process of monitoring and adjusting the strategy, diagnostics and finding prospects for its further use include a set of actions concerning: exploring new markets for products; use of discount system for goods and services; application of modern pricing methods; product updates; production of new products according to existing orders; new methods of product promotion; improving customer service. The financial directions in the process of monitoring and adjusting the strategy, diagnostics and finding prospects for its further use are determined, they are aimed at providing the process of development and implementation of the IA strategy with sufficient financial resources, correlation of the planned effect with the achieved, estimation of the amount of expenses for carrying out research works, development technologies, their introduction into production, production of new products, its supply, search for consumers. The justified use of financial directions in the process of monitoring and adjusting the strategy, diagnostics and finding prospects for its further use allows to create some methods of protection from risks impact, to improve financial activity of the enterprise, to rise the effectiveness of IA organization, to increase sales volumes.. The factors of influence on the development of innovation strategy and the development of innovation activity of industrial enterprises are suggested.



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