Influence of complex ultrasound vibrations and composite lubricants on wear resistance of materials of endoprosthesis

  • 1 Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine


As a rule, parts that are made of titanium alloys are critical parts that can work in corrosive medium, accept alternating loads, have certain parameters of surface quality and surface layer. A finite-element simulation of a burnishing process of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V (an alloy that is widely used in medicine, as an example in endoprostheses) with/without ultrasonic loading at various processing speeds was carried out. It is established that when burnishing with ultrasonic vibrations of the tool, it is possible to obtain a qualitatively different picture of the distribution of residual stresses in the surface layer of the part. The features of the contact interaction of the tool with the workpiece surface were established for ultrasonic vibrations of the tool. For finite element simulation two types of ultrasonic vibrations were chosen (according to real ultrasonic tool): longitudinal and longitudinal-torsion vibrations. It is shown that the use of ultrasound can reduce the temperature of the deformation zone, which is extremely important when processing titanium alloys. It was also found that the use of metal-containing lubricant can improve the surface quality  arameters after ultrasonic burnishing.



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