Hydrophilized unsaturated polyester resin-based polymer-silicate compositions

  • 1 Medical University „Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov“- Varna, Bulgaria
  • 2 Institute of Polymers, BAS – Sofia, Bulgaria


This work is a continuation of the development of hydrophilized unsaturated polyester resin (HUPER). Again, the authors’ main aim is a possibility for hydrophilization of unsaturated polyester resin (UPER), but in this case the previously selected hydrophilizer cement ‘milk’ was replaced by the water glass component without disregarding the contribution of cement to the multicomponent hydrophilizing system. The special thing about this case is that there are a number of hydrophilizers, all of which individually have a hydrophilizing effect on resin, and that they are influenced by each other. This is of utmost importance not only for the hydrophilization technology but also for the research into important accompanying issues, such as kinetics, mechanical strength characteristics, spectrum and derivatographic analysis. This study only addresses some of the issues mentioned for reasons of volume of work. However, due to the possible interest they could arouse in the different fields of chemistry, in medical and technical terms, they are to be developed and resolved in the future.



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