Structure and properties of microarc oxide coatings on high-temperature aluminum alloy

  • 1 National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute», Kharkiv, Ukraine


To create a high-hardness and wear-resistant coating on the heat-resistant aluminum AK4 alloy, the technology of microarc oxidation is used. The possibility of forming an oxide layer on the surface (mainly of α−Al2O3 and γ−Al2O3 phases) with a thickness of about 150 μm and a hardness of 17000 – 18000 MPa is shown. For this, the process of microarc oxidation was carried out at a current density of 20 A/dm2 in an electrolyte of the composition KOH (1-2 g/L) and Na2SiO3 (6-12 g/L). The obtained properties of MAO coatings on the AK4 alloy make it possible to effectively use such materials for engine elements.



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