Hydrophilized unsaturated polyester resin based on a two-component system of sulfur and cement

  • 1 Medical University „Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov“- Varna,Bulgaria


This work develops a multicomponent system comprising unsaturated polyester resin (UPER) hydrophilizing a two-component system of sulfate-resistant cement (SC) and sulfur, diluent water and a redox system. The hydrophilized unsaturated polyester resin (HUPER) so obtained can be used as a basis for polymer-silicate composites with good strength properties, precise embossed printing on the surface of various molds, and good visual characteristics. Polymer-silicate compositions with low and high content of SC were selected, and the constant amount of SC in the two groups obtained corresponded to a gradual change in sulfur content. Time kinetic dependencies of the cross-linking process of unsaturated polyester at a given amount of redox system were monitored. Reproducibility of results for different polymer compositions was achieved thereby enabling a possibility to predict them.



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