Alternative possibilities for application of foamed silicate materials

  • 1 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies with Hydro- and Aerodynamics Centre “Acad. A. Balevski”, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2 Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Physics, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Sofia, Bulgaria; Institute of Mechanics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria


In summary form, some trends in the production and application of foamed silicate materials obtained from recycled waste materials are presented. The existing possibilities for the use of different fractions of foam glass granules for the preparation of various products (lightweight concrete, colored decorative panels, etc.) are considered. Experimental samples are prepared in which the average value of the thermal conductivity coefficient =0.24±0.13 W/m. K was established. The main technological factors determining the operational characteristics of the material and the existing potential prospects for their optimization are analyzed.



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