Studies on bimetallic ingots for armour by the methods of non-destructive testing

  • 1 Institute of metal science, equipment and technologies „Akad. A. Balevski” with hydro and aerodynamics centre, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Sofia, Bulgaria


We have carried out researches for working out technological electroslag remelting conditions to produce bimetallic ingots. A new plant flow diagram has been developed for the manufacture. Experimental series of melting was performed on a laboratory electroslag remelting installation by developed by us electroslag remelting conditions. Bimetallic ingots for armour were produced of different combinations steel grades. Ingot of X38CrMoV 5 1 (DIN 1.2343; AISI H11) -10G2SF perspective steel grades is investigated. By the method of non-destructive testing the fusion of two steel grades along height of ingot is investigated. Macrostructure of cast transverse templates is investigated. A complete fusion of steels is established.



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