High-entropy alloy of Fe-Ti-Cr-Mn-Si-C system, produced by hot forging from powder mixtures of ferroalloys

  • 1 Frantsevich Institute for Problems in Materials Science, NAS of Ukrane


The peculiarities of the structure and phase composition of the high-entropy alloy of the TiCrFeMnSiC system obtained from the powder mixture of ferrotitanium, ferrochrome and ferrosilicon-manganese ferroalloys are considered in the work. The technological scheme of alloy production included joint grinding of the mixture in a planetary mill, consolidation of the blanks, their heating to 1100 0C, hot forging on the arc press and subsequent annealing of hot-forged samples at 1200 0C. According to the results of X-ray analysis of the obtained alloy, it was found that the main phase of the alloy is the BCC phase with the parameter of the cubic lattice a = 0.2868 nm, which is a solid solution based on alloying components of the original charge. The phase composition of the composite also recorded ti tanium carbide TiC with FCC lattice with the parameter a = 0.4319 nm, which corresponds to a stoichiometric composition of about TiC0.6 and a small amount of FCC phase of iron-chromium carbide (Cr, Fe)23C6 with lattice parameter a = 1.0645 nm. The material has a high hardness (up to 60-61 HRC), which can provide high resistance of this multicomponent alloy.



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