One of the methods for improving the electrodes cleaning system of the electrostatic precipitator with the purpose of increasing the intensity of checking dust

  • 1 National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kiev, Ukraine


Electrostatic precipitators are designed for highly efficient cleaning of process gases and aspiration air from solid or liquid particles released during technological processes in various industries. To improve the design of the plate electrostatic precipitator and eliminate its lack of insufficient intensity of shaking of the electrostatic precipitator plates, a design of the system for cleaning electrodes of the electrostatic precipitator based on the prototype was chosen, which provides multilevel shaking (top, bottom, side of the plates) in the process of continuous operation of the plate electrostatic precipitator and increases the intensity of shaking dust from the plates of the electrostatic precipitator.



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