Atex wet wipe production

  • 1 KANSAN R&D Center, İzmir, Turkey
  • 2 Ege University, İzmir, Turkey


Due to the pandemic conditions we have been in in recent years, the need for disinfectant products in the hygiene sector has increased considerably. In this context, in order to meet the disinfectant wet wipes demand, the need to make the existing wet wipe production machines work with alcohol has arisen. In project scope; Wet wipes packaging machine, which is suitable for working with isopropyl alcohol, meets all the necessary conditions and is equipped to prevent the danger of explosion, was built.. Also the equipment to be used within the scope of the project and activities to be performed in the context of the new designs that will be revealed thanks to the alcohol completely reliable and relevant about working with the institutions and approved and fully ATEX compliant packaging machine, wet wipes faster than peers will emerge. By avoiding all possible risks, all possible problems that are undesirable, endanger human health and cause work accidents were prevented.



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