Thermodynamic analysis of backpressure and condensing steam turbines from cogeneration system

  • 1 Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka, Croatia
  • 2 Department of maritime sciences, University of Zadar, Croatia


This paper presents thermodynamic (energy and exergy) analysis of backpressure (BPT) and condensing (CT) steam turbines from cogeneration system. Based on the measurement data from exploitation it is performed calculation of main operating parameters for both turbines and its comparison. Analysis shows that BPT develops significantly lower mechanical power (22821.90 kW) in comparison to CT (30893.10 kW), but also BPT has more than four times lower energy and exergy power losses when compared to CT. Due to much lower losses, BPT has significantly higher energy and exergy efficiencies (93.26% and 94.95%, respectively) in comparison to CT (82.63% and 83.87%, respectively). Energy and exergy power of a steam flow related to both observed turbines show that the BPT is the dominant heat supplier for all heat consumers inside the cogeneration system.



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