Study of the defect closure behaviour during forging in a step-wedge strikers

  • 1 Rudny Industrial Institute, Rudny, Kazakhstan
  • 2 Karaganda industrial university, Temirtau, Kazakhstan


This work is devoted to the study of the internal defect closure during metal broaching in step-wedge strikers with wedge and depression by FEM in Deform program. A through cylindrical hole with a diameter of 3 mm was considered as an internal defect. At the same time, three variants of the defect vertical location were modeled – in the workpiece center, near the upper face of the wedge and near the lower face of the depression. In all three cases, the internal defect closure is uneven. The most intense defect closure is observed when it is located in the workpiece axial zone. Defects located near the strikers surface zones are not closed well enough. The stress-strain state analysis showed that the defect location affects the distribution nature of stresses and strains along the workpiece section.



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