Quality assessment of heterogeneous welding joints made by GMAW method

  • 1 Technical university in Kosice, Slovakia


At present, various types of steel grades are used in the production of welded structures and assemblies, resp. combinations of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In these mutual combinations, it is necessary to know the specifics of weldability of both materials, to choose a suitable welding technology and a suitable filler material. In the experimental part, the quality of heterogeneous welded joints was verified by the GMAW method. A protective gas atmosphere of 82% Ar + 18% CO2 was used for welding (M21 – ISO 14175: 2008). The possibilities of welding and mutual combinations of austenitic stainless steel with structural non-alloy steel, structural alloyed high-strength steel with structural non-alloy steel were assessed. The quality of welds was evaluated using non-destructive and destructive tests in terms of standards: visual test STN EN ISO 17637, capillary penetration test STN EN ISO 22476-12, internal errors were evaluated using radiation tests STN EN ISO 17636-1. The destructive tests used the tensile test STN EN ISO 6892-1, the weld fracture test STN EN ISO 5173 and the Vickers hardness test STN EN ISO 6507-1, the bending impact test STN EN ISO 9016 and the metallographic analysis according to STN EN ISO 17639.



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