Disposal of Spent Ionizing Radiation Sources Cobalt-60

  • 1 Institute of Nuclear Physics of Academy Sciences (INP AS), Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • 2 Joint Stock Company «National Technical Physics and Automation Research Institute», Moscow, Russia


The paper discusses the experience of work of specialists of the consortium as part of the INP AS (Tashkent, Uzbekistan), JSC “National Technical Physics and Automation Research Institute” and CJSC “Mounting Firm “Radiy” (Moscow, Russia) at utilization of 96 pieces of sources GIK-7-2 Co-60 of gamma installations of “RKhM-gamma-20” and “Issledovatel”, including 2 emergency sources Co-60, their burial in specialization point for radioactive waste. Also, the experience of specialists in the elimination of emergency situation with recharge a highly active source of GIK 8-4 Co-60 for radiation gamma therapy from emergency holder with crack to a new holder from depleted uranium. The reason for the appearance of a crack on the body of the Co-60 source holder is discussed.



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