Optoelectronic method for optical diagnosis of the state of the vascular system

  • 1 Institute of Electronics, Sofia, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • 2 Institute of applied problems of physics and biophysics, Kiev, NAS of Ukraine


In the present work we have investigated the parameters of peripheral blood flow by using a non-invasive method for processing photoplethysmograms (PPGs). The developed original technique allows us to register a photoplethysmogram, isolate the pulse wave and determine the duration of cardio intervals, the duration of the anacrotic and dicrotic phases, the duration of fast and slow blood filling, the expulsion period, the dicrotic and diastolic indices, temporal and amplitude parameters of vascular tone, etc. We observe three types of PPGs after taking medicaments Corvitol-50 and nitroglycerin. The analysis of the amplitude-temporal characteristics of PPGs allows the determination of key diagnostic parameters.



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