Selection of welding technology for AA6060 aluminum alloy tubes using economic analysis

  • 1 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro


This paper presents a method of economic analysis of welding tubes made of aluminum alloy AA6060 using MIG and TIG arc processes, as well as the non-conventional FSW process in relation to the length of the welded joint. The cost model includes fixed and variable costs, which are broken down into individual components, and their specifics for each of the selected processes are considered. The input values were defined and a calculation was made for obtaining a specific workpiece, that is, for welding a tube with an outer diameter of ∅150 mm, and a wall thickness of 5 mm, with a butt joint in real production conditions. The obtained results were analyzed and the price of welding was determined according to the production time and per meter of the welded joint.



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