Further development of the possibility of creating composite coatings from ash microspheres on a steel basis

  • 1 Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolaiv, Ukraine
  • 2 Institute of Pulse Processes and Technologies of NAS of Ukraine, Mykolaiv, Ukraine


The article is devoted to the solution of an important scientific and technical problem of development of new composite coatings with the use of industrial waste of thermal power plants – aluminosilicate empty microspheres. The analysis of existing technologies showed the prospects for the use of electric arc spraying, which will expand the scope of compositions. All-drawn wires of ER346 (Св-08) and 1066 (65Г) brands were used for coating, ash fillers of aluminosilicate composition were used as fillers. The effectiveness of ash microspheres for the formation of coatings is confirmed by the results of hardness measurements. Coatings filled with ash microspheres have increased Vickers hardness by 7… 22%. The use of ash slags in new technologies is a promising practical area, the implementation of which will help in the search for scarce minerals.



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