The prospects for the use of liquefied gas in maritime transport

  • 1 Akaki Tsereteli State University, Kutaisi, Georgia
  • 2 Batumi State Maritime Akaademy, Batumi, Georgia


If a fuel mixture consisting of a liquefied gas fuel is prepared in the water transport diesel engines, i.e. the gas-diesel process occurs, where methanol is used as an explosive fuel, resulting in the reduction of the self-ignition delay period and fuel combustion duration, the limits of the working mixture combustion are expanded (hybrid combustion), and the mixture formation process is improved, resulting in an increase in the combustion speed, i.e., the complete combustion of the fuel mixture occurs during the active combustion period, and the cycle in the engine is closer to the Otto cycle, which improves the environmental and efficient indicators of diesel engine compared to the gas-diesel engine, where the diesel fuel is used as an explosive fuel.



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