Analyze of welding arc parameters in shielded metal arc welding

  • 1 Technical University of Varna


Shielded metal arc welding is widely used in heavy industries in partly shipbuilding and ship repair. This method didn’t required special personal skills and equipment. Different scientists are analyzed welding parameters, mechanical characteristics and chemical composition in welding seam but interesting is to be investigated welding arc characteristics in different electrodes. The paper deal with analyze of welding arc parameters in shielded metal arc welding. For this purpose on mild steel plates are welded seams with different diameters of electrodes and different welding current. In welding process are measured welding arc burning time, length of electrodes melted part, welding machine voltage and weight of melted electrodes part. For analyze welding arc parameters are used response surface methodology method (RSM). Used RSM in the paper is 2k factorial design where k=2 factors. The influence of each to other factors of welding arc is presented by meta models.



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