Hazards at the production of titanium alloys in the electric arc furnace

  • 1 University of Zagreb, Faculty of Metallurgy – Sisak, Croatia


This article describes the metal titanium, its characteristics and properties, and the types of titanium alloys with regard to its microstructure. It also describes the production processes, i.e. the melting and casting processes of titanium alloys. The focus is on the production of titanium alloys by the electric arc process, and possible hazards in the production of titanium in electric arc furnaces are also described. Suitable protective measures to be taken in the event of a particular hazard are also highlighted. Concerning the occurrence of possible accidents in the production of titanium, a calculation is also presented that shows how much needs to be invested in protection against possible accidents while maximising profit. Finally, the application and casting process of titanium alloys in dentistry is presented.



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