Innovative plasma-deposited nanothin films for oxygen evolution reaction and their prospective application for electro-ozonation

  • 1 Department of Molecular Engineering, Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering, Lodz University of Technology, Łódź, Poland


Water recycling plays a prominent role, especially for water-consuming industries. Thus, wastewater purification becomes indispensable to achieve the ideal degree of quality. Electrochemical processes combined with ozonation are chosen as advanced treatments to be studied and developed in this work since they can operate at ambient conditions and are more efficient and compact when compared to other technologies. The plasma-deposited film used as an electrode seems to be a promising and interesting option. The main objective is to investigate the role of synergistic effects between ozone and plasma-deposited thin film electrodes in hybrid electrochemical and ozonation processes of water contaminants degradation. The essence of the process is to find both the active, sustained, and photostable plasmadeposited thin-film electrocatalysts, which enhance the degradation process with the combined action of ozone. Therefore, the chemical stability of developed thin films after contact with ozone is one of the significant requirements for further application.



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