Comparison of the mechanical characteristics of polycomponent high-entropy alloys based on the TI-CR-FE-NI system, produced by powder hot forging

  • 1 Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science, NAS of Ukraine
  • 2 Kurdiumov Institute Physics of Metals, NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv


Mechanical tests of 5- and 6-component high-entropy alloys, which were obtained for the first time by the method of hot forging, were carried out. The test results showed a fairly high hardness and strength of the obtained alloys. The TiCrFeNiC alloy (without annealing) has the highest mechanical properties. Its high strength is due to solid-solution hardening, as well as the formation of carbides in situ. Fractographic studies showed mostly quasi-brittle destruction of alloy samples.



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