Renovation of moulds for high-pressure casting of aluminium by laser cladding

  • 1 Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Košice, Slovakia
  • 2 Slovak Academy of Science, Institute of Materials Research, Košice, Slovakia


The paper presents the results of an investigation focused on the analysis of the wear of moulds for high-pressure casting with Al alloy. In order to repair and refurbish the mould parts of moulds for high-pressure casting of aluminium alloys, samples of experimental welds were prepared on the base material of grade 1.2343 (Dievar) of dimensions 150x130x30 mm refined to the hardness value of 44-48 HRC. A TruDisk 4002 solid-state disk laser with BEO D70 focusing optics was used for surfacing. Mat.No.1.2343 (Dievar), Mat.No.1.6356 (Dratec) and Mat.No.1.6356 (UTPA 702 and NIFIL NiCu7/Dievar) wires were used as additional material. Light microscopy technique was used to inspect the microstructures on the cross-sections of the welds. Microhardness measurements were performed with a Vickers indenter at a load of 500 g and a mutual indentation distance of 0.4 mm between the indenter impressions.



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