Industry 4.0 Approach for Development of Automatic Sanitation Unit

  • 1 KANSAN R&D Center, İzmir, Turkey
  • 2 Ege University Faculty of Engineering, Mech. Eng. Dept, Izmir, TURKIYE


In wet wipe machines, equipment such as tanks, pumps, pipes, and valves that come into contact with the wet wipe solution, conveyor belts, and steel surfaces with which the liquid comes into contact, must be disinfected at regular intervals under hygienic production rules. Disinfection is carried out using hot water, alcohol-based disinfectants, surfactants, detergents, oxidizing agents, or a mixture of all these methods. In current applications, liquids are drained manually from preparation units or tanks, and machine surfaces are cleaned manually. Cleaning and sanitation is done by hand. At the same time, performing some cleaning scenarios is harmful to human health because of hot steam or water, chemical cleaning steam, etc. So, it is impossible to ensure the hygiene level of systems. In this study, safe by design and prevention approaches were used and a system equipped with several measurement sensors was designed to work with different sanitary liquids and their preparation units according to sanitary recipes, producing a report at the end of the cleaning process. There are devices such as pH meters, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and several water analyzers in the system, and it is decided that cleaning is completed by processing the data from these sensors. This article describes the system developed in compliance with industry 4.0 applications



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