Cathodic protection for cooling water system

  • 1 Albanian University, Tirana, Albania


The aim of this research was the installation of a cathodic protection system for the inlet and outlet steel sea water pipeline respectively DN 1800 and DN 1600 mm in Adriatic Sea. It is extremely important to maintain the integrity of metallic structures in contact with aggressive effluents for both economic and environmental reasons. The proper design of cathodic protection system can help maintain this integrity and increase the useful service life of metallic structures. All cathodic protection systems should be installed with the intent of conducting uninterrupted, safe operations. When cathodic protection is applied, it should be operated continuously to maintain polarization for this purpose were calculated the protection current density, coating breakdown, protection current demand, sacrificial material weight, anode contact resistances, anode current outputs and number of anodes to be installed.



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