Experimental self-cleaning glass coatings for photovoltaic systems placed in a real environment

  • 1 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies with Hydro- and Aerodynamics Centre “Acad. Angel Balevski”, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2 Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria


Experimental vitreous samples with the presence of self-cleaning coatings applied by the sol-gel method were selected, which were tested in a real environment under cyclic atmospheric conditions in different TPPs / TPP-Sofia and TPP-Republika, Pernik/. The resulting thin films were studied by UV-NIS – VIR spectroscopy, AFM, contact angle, etc. The experimental samples are potentially applicable in the operation of photovoltaic panels with increased efficiency and sustainability in the conditions of an industrial environment and under the influence of various meteorological factors.



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