Good practies using innovative learning methods

  • 1 Faculty of “Artillery, air defense and CIS” –National Military University “Vasil Levski”, Veliko Tarnovo, the Bulgarian Republic


The present article aims to present to a wider audience selected in-depth examples of practice that have been addressed and applied in contemporary education. Using experience as an exchange of ideas for good practice from other countries gives a clear idea of training and the learner development plan. The factors contributing to success in students’ theory and practice are emphasized . All these factors and elements of good practice are interlinked to achieve sustainability and sustainability in all areas of education / leadership, vision and incentives are key at all levels.The main problems faced by students during their transition to the transition are finding the right balance between their theoretical and practical training. The effectiveness of the entire educational and educational system depends on it.
The analysis of the results obtained from the mentioned examples of good practice in education shows that the use of one type of method is not sufficient for the correct perception of the curriculum by the students.



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