Table of Contents

  • Criteria for wind energy projects’ location assesment

    pg(s) 82-85

    Insuring a sustainable development of wind energy production and consumption is challenging and highly important for /achieving of EU 20/20/20 goals for Bulgaria. Wind energy has been seen as a clean and environmentally friendly in comparison with conventional energy sources, but there are still some conflicts between wind energy project development and environmental protection goals that should be enlighten and solved. One possible way is to enhance the process of wind energy projects’ location identification. The current research is focused on identification and classification of criterion that could be used in this process. The legal requirements regarding wind energy projects’ location are analyzed and presented. Additional requirements regarding environmental protection and biodiversity conservation are identified and defined as criterion. A set of measurable indicators related to each criteria is established and proposed in this paper.

  • Use of wild-raw raw materials of the KR to develop new food products with increased biological value

    pg(s) 86-90

    The article discusses the problems of nutrition, the impact on the human body and the ways of nutrition correction through the development of new products with high biological value from wild-growing raw materials of Kyrgyzstan. The possibilities of using wild fruits and berries and their complex processing are shown.

  • Physical and luminescent properties of glasses in the system WO3-La2O3-B2O3-Nb2O5

    pg(s) 91-94

    New multicomponent glasses in the system WO3-La2O3-B2O3-Nb2O5 doped with Eu3+, as a transparent active media for optical application were obtained. Physical parameters as density, molar volume, oxygen molar volume and oxygen packing density were determined. The thermal behavior of the obtained glasses was examined by differential thermal analysis (DTA). It was established that glass crystallization temperature is about 750oC. Microstructural characterization was made by Raman and UV-VIS spectroscopies. Based on the obtained spectral data short-range order and connectivity in glass network were determined. High photoluminescence emissions due to the 4f transitions 5D0→7Fj (j=0-4) of Eu3+ ions were observed. Colorless bulk tungstate glass, containing Nb2O5 with high transparency and high refractive index were prepared.

  • Amplified spontaneous emission in fiber optic lines using Raman amplifiers

    pg(s) 95-98

    New methods for a regeneration and an enhancement of the optical signal have been developed all over the world. The main reason is the increasing bit rate and optical fiber length. A new method for optical amplifiers based on nonlinear effects is discussed in this report. Amplification changes are surveyed as a function of the signal power at different pump configurations and different wavelength.

  • Nanofiber membrane start-up

    pg(s) 99-100

    In 2004 Prof. Oldrich Jirsak from the Technical University of Liberec developed a machine for the industrial production of a nanofiber layer. Because of this equipment, new nanofiber layer oriented projects started to occur. One of such projects in recent years was a nanofiber membrane for use in sport and outdoor activities and also in the army. This project was a cooperation between the Technical University of Liberec and a Czech investor which led to the creation of a new company called NANOMEMBRANE. The result of their work is not only clothing with a nanofiber membrane, but also further cooperation between the private sector and a state university.

  • Improvement of the methodical approach to investment projects` evaluation amid development of market relations

    pg(s) 101-104

    The factors effecting evaluation of industrial enterprises` business plan risks have been defined. Types of risks, their characteristics and insurance forms have been studied amid current business environment. It has been pointed out that the criteria themselves are not enough to accept a project by an industrial enterprise. It has been proved that project`s decision making has to meet all the criteria and stakeholders’ interests of an investment project. The criteria based on value changes over time, which can be taken into account when evaluating comparable amounts of money separated by time, have been suggested.

  • Approaches and challenges in the application of high technology in the industry

    pg(s) 105-106

    Increasing competition in the market requires manufacturers to bring high technology solutions to optimize production processes on the one hand and to offer personalized products on the other hand. In the current conditions of digitization, namely the application of information and computer technologies requires the use of new management approaches. The report attempts to systematize the approaches and challenges of applying high technology to the modern industry.

  • Biophysical coefficient of long-fruit cucumbers grown in drip irrigation conditions

    pg(s) 107-108

    Experimentally, the evapotranspiration and evaporation from the free water surface of long-fruit cucumbers grown under greenhouse conditions was established. Based on the calculated values of the evapotranspiration based on the soil humidity dynamics data during the vegetation period, the irrigation carried out and the evaporation from the free water surface determined by a class “A” evaporator, the values of the coefficient of the culture in unheated plastic greenhouses were calculated as an average for the vegetation process of cucumbers Ki is 1,46. Establishing a correlation between ET and Eo under greenhouse conditions allows a safer use of Class A evaporator data.

  • Preparation of the society against crisis and war – basic aspects

    pg(s) 115-117

    Social security is an essential element ensuring the proper functioning of the national security system in the state. In order to fulfil this task, the state adequately prepares the society through education for safety and provides training in the field of universal self-defence of the population in order to prepare citizens in the event of crisis and war. The article presents only issues concerning education for safety and universal self-defence of the population.