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    • Nuclear power plant steam re-heating system – exergy analysis at four different operating regimes

      pg(s) 38-41

      In this paper is performed exergy analysis of steam re-heating system, through all of its components, which operate in nuclear power plant. Analyzed re-heating system consists of the moisture separator (MS) and two re-heaters (RH1 and RH2) and is observed in four different operating regimes. MS has significantly lower exergy destructions and significantly higher exergy efficiencies in comparison to both re-heaters, regardless of the observed operating regime. MS and both re-heaters did not achieve the lowest exergy destructions and the highest exergy efficiencies in the same operating regime which notably complicated possible improvements. Further research of presented re-heating system will be based on operation improvement of RH1 and RH2 – performed exergy analysis shows that MS operation in any operating regime leaves no room for further improvement.


    • Recent applications of 3D printed wood/polymer specimens in furniture industry

      pg(s) 42-44

      In recent years, 3D printing has gradually appeared in people’s field of vision. The addition of wood in thermoplastics improve their some mechanical properties such as tensile and bending modulus without affecting its biodegradability. The decrease in the cost of filaments may enlarge the utilization of biodegradable filaments after the disposal in near future. Smallscale elements used in furniture production, such as connector fittings or fasteners for shelves, may give functional and structural
      properties without significant investment. 3D-printed connections are suitable when the the production complex shaped connectors and quick disassembly are required, to reduce the product’s weight and price

    • Wind Energy in Albania, a Factor in the Decarbonization of the Energy Sector in the Region

      pg(s) 45-49

      Albania has significant renewable energy resource potential from hydro, wind and solar energy. It is a special case regarding electricity generation because most of (99%) is provided using large and medium hydro power plants. So, energy generation in Albania is free from greenhouse gas emissions. But since hydrological conditions change from year to year, the country has been forced to support the import of electricity from countries in the region and mainly from Kosovo. The use of wind energy in Albania would not only reduce dependence on imports but also would affect the decarbonization of the energy sector in the region, which is supported by fossil resources. This study estimates the amount of CO2 that could be reduced if a renewable energy source, such as wind energy, would replace energy generation from the use of fossil fuels sources. In case when the energy is generated from coal thermal power plants in Kosovo, emitting an average of 1,205 tCO2/MWh, results in reduction of 36,632.5 tCO2 for generating 30.6 GWh electricity yearly and in case when electricity generation is from Vlora gas power plant, emitting an average of 0.341 tCO2/MWh results in reduction of 10,379.3 tCO2 for the same amount of electricity generated in first case.

    • Change Management – The Impact of COVID-19 on Technology Use

      pg(s) 50-54

      Nowadays there are millions of people who use the internet and each of them is a potential customer for a company that offers online sales. Due to the rapid development of technology, companies that are interested in selling their products through the use of the internet will have to constantly seek for a competitive advantage in this fierce competition. E-commerce is emerging as a new way to help businesses increase competitiveness and thus contribute to the country’s economic success. The COVID-19 situation made people live differently, buy differently and think differently. During the period of total quarantine of individuals but also of shops, online trading was seen as a necessity by companies. The internet is a good way to get new requests from consumers. This is why it is important for online retailers. During the COVID-19 period, companies needed to manage change, finding new ways to be close to customers through online sales, but also designing new ways of working. The purpose of this article is to identify the management of changes by Albanian companies in the use of technology as well as e-commerce during and after the COVID -19 period.


    • Technological education – an essential dimension of education in Romania

      pg(s) 55-57

      One of the skills considered “key” in the world we live in is to know, understand, evaluate and use technology. Like it or not, technology marks both the state and evolution of human society and everyday life and students’ interest in the challenges and its products is explosive and can no longer be ignored by the school. The present study aims to approach in an essentialized way the specifics of technological education in the Romanian school, in the context of an increasingly advanced technology society. The introduction in 1992 of the new discipline “Technological education” in secondary education was one of the solutions adopted by Romania in this regard. Also called “applied intellectual education”, technological education promotes the values of APPLIED SCIENCE in all areas of social life. The general pedagogical objective: the development of the theoretical and practical professional / technological awareness, of the capaci ty to apply the scientific knowledge in different social contexts of economic, political and cultural nature.

    • Didactic texts shared via the internet

      pg(s) 58-59

      Sharing of experience acquired by teaching has always belonged to common teachers’ activities. Formerly, teachers shared experience mainly by sitting in on colleagues’ classes and by sharing experience in professional journals. Thanks to the development of informational technologies in the 21st century, teachers now frequently use the Internet for sharing of experience. Yet there has not been any unified standard in Slovakia for indicating the quality of those published didactic materials.

    • Educational and philosophical dimensions of the social identity

      pg(s) 60-61

      The purpose of this article is to emphasize to the importance of the process of formation of social identity, both in relation to the individual and in relation to the surrounding school and social environment. Тhe modern pedagogical process is characterized by rapidly evolving technological models, teaching aids and tools and with a changing educational space. These factors of the social reality, due to the pandemic situation, determine the formation of the social identity of the students. The present material focuses on the substantive aspect of the concept of social identity and on the factors that influence to its formation. The article implements an integrational and multidisciplinary approach for the purpose of building a scientific construction of the interpretation of the phenomenon of sociall identity and its position in educational scientific systematic apparatus. The process of identity formation is analyzed and interpreted from different scientific perspectives – philosophy, pedagogy and psychology.

    • Organisation of early childhood education and care in Romania, Greece and Bulgaria

      pg(s) 62-64

      The article presents a comparative analysis of the organization of the early childhood education and care in three countries from the Balkan region – Romania, Greece and Bulgaria. The analysis focuses on the following aspects of preprimary education: access to early childhood education and care; organisation of centre-based ECEC; educational guidelines; organisational variations and alternative structures in ECEC.

    • Consequences of inappropriate detection and removal of outliers in statistics

      pg(s) 65-68

      In statistics, the presence of outliers in the data set could wrongly distort the estimation of the mean. In addition, the extreme values increase the variability and consequently, the power of the statistical methods decreases. However, there are disagreements in the literature both about what the nature of outliers is, and about how to deal with them when doing further statistical analyses. A lot of conventional procedures for both detecting and dealing with outliers are discussed. The effect of increase the probability of error of the first order type is demonstrated with two simple simulations. The general conclusion is that an information outside of the data set is necessary for a correct decision. This information could come only from the human expertise of the researchers of the specific domain of in terest. The importance of the topic for outliers is discussed, the need of deeper analyses, accompanied with many simulation studies, is argued.

    • Complex functional dependence of temperatures on the pollutants and gaseous material particles in the form of atmospheric aerosols

      pg(s) 69-74

      The state of ecosystems is dictated by a number of complex factors. The existence of vegetation that is considered the “lungs” of the life of Earth is due to the presence of sunlight and favorable atmospheric temperature conditions for its existence. The modern anthropogenic activity of humanity exists due to the satisfaction of the necessities for human existence. The technical -scientific revolution is leading to the negative effects upon the ecosystems. These effects are described by the excess accumulation of pollutants in the form of fine dust materials particles suspended in the atmosphere as well as various gaseous substances resulting from anthropogenic activity and leading to variations in the values of atmospheric temperature with a negative impact on the normal state of the environment. A series of studies and environmental centers of research describe the current state of the Earth’s atmosphere with a tendency of the increasing of the average atmospheric temperature as a result of the intensification of the green house effect. Recently, concomitantly with the existence of green house effects, there is a decrease in the temperature of the upper layers of the atmosphere due to of the presence of a erosols of polluting material particles. This can lead to the intensification of the temperature gradients with the frequent results of sud den temperature variations and of the natural cataclysms. The quantitative description of phenomena in nature is a major problem and this study aims to clarify quantitatively how temperature varies and what are the reasons of the variations of the atmospheric temperature by th e application of the laws of physics of physical phenomena. Decreasing of the pollutants in the atmosphere could have a reversible effect by normalizing of the previous atmospheric conditions and by intensifying of the processes of widening green forest spaces in order to reduce the excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This study shows that the increasing the albedo values of the Earth-atmosphere complex system leads to a decrease of the effective temperatures. This decrease is confirmed by the cooling of the upper layers of the atmosphere due to the presence of aerosols in the form of polluting particles suspended in the atmosphere. An important parameter is described in this study which is called latent specific heat. The respective values of the wavelengths of the outgoing longwave radiation emitted by this complex system increase.

    • Generation Alpha and the education

      pg(s) 75-78

      The children of the new age went to school. These are the children of the generation Alpha who do not receive information through traditional channels. These are the children who play, learn and interact through technology. They do not want to and do not read in the traditional way. From a very young age, they have been in contact with information technology, successfully working on it, even before they have spoken. Alpha children are independent and curious, they have their own view of the world, which is different from that of their parents and teachers. Communicating with them requires an approach that is based on negotiation and compromise on the part of adults. Parents and teachers should understand, accept and support them more and criticize and educate them less violently. All this raises the question of
      whether teachers are prepared to teach and take into account these new features of the alpha generation, which has already started school and interacts with the education system. Conflict situations often arise between teachers and children, in which educators fa il to respond adequately and professionally to parents

    • Achievements of computer technology in Bulgaria in the second half of XX century

      pg(s) 79-81

      Еlectronics is the most progressive branch of mechanical engineering since the 1960s. Specific for the development of this industry in our country is that each technological development or the creation of material conditions for its implementation in the period from 1960 by the end of the socialist period, it had received support at the highest state level, in the form of continuous promotion, smooth financing, the provision of embargoed high-deficit technologies by special services and the wide opening of the economy to integration into production. Significant for the development of the industry in our country is the specialization in the production of electronic computers, which was won in a competitive competition between all member countries of the COMECON on the basis of previously achieved in Bulgaria high scientific results in the field.