Nuclear power plant steam re-heating system – exergy analysis at four different operating regimes

  • 1 Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka, Croatia


In this paper is performed exergy analysis of steam re-heating system, through all of its components, which operate in nuclear power plant. Analyzed re-heating system consists of the moisture separator (MS) and two re-heaters (RH1 and RH2) and is observed in four different operating regimes. MS has significantly lower exergy destructions and significantly higher exergy efficiencies in comparison to both re-heaters, regardless of the observed operating regime. MS and both re-heaters did not achieve the lowest exergy destructions and the highest exergy efficiencies in the same operating regime which notably complicated possible improvements. Further research of presented re-heating system will be based on operation improvement of RH1 and RH2 – performed exergy analysis shows that MS operation in any operating regime leaves no room for further improvement.



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