Ten facts about American policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict under President Joe Biden

  • 1 Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict (originally Israeli-Arab conflict) has been of interest to the current and former American presidents. The long-agreed U.S. policy regarding finding a solution to the conflict – the two-state solution, through a series of decisions, has been undermined by Donald Trump. Joe Biden, the current American president, has reversed, frozen, and continued some of Trump’s decisions to establish a new Israeli-Palestinian conflict environment aimed at restarting negotiations between the conflicted parties. A comparative analysis of Trump’s and Biden’s approach towards the conflict strengthened by the analysis of a formal White House document allows for the presentation of the current administration’s policy towards the conflict and the actors of the conflict. In this paper I have presented an analysis of ten vital aspects of Biden’s policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during his first term in office.



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