Concept for determining driving factor of gearbox speed reducer

  • 1 Faculty of Technical Sciences – Bitola, University St. Kliment Ohridski, Republic of Macedonia
  • 2 Faculty of Biotechnical Science – Bitola, University St. Kliment Ohridski, Republic of Macedonia
  • 3 Faculty of Technical Sciences – Bitola


The driving factor is an important technical feature of dynamical loaded working machines. It is especially important to know its value for the working wheel speed reducer of the rotating excavators. In this paper is presented a concept for determining the driving factor of a concrete gearbox speed reducer. To calculate the value of the driving factor according to the specified concept, knowledge of the load regime and the carrying capacity of the gearbox is necessary. The load regime is known from the load function, which is given in the paper, and is determined on the basis of the experimental measurements carried out for this purpose. The carrying capacity of the speed reducer is calculated by theoretical analysis according to the established methodology in this paper, for the characteristic pairs of gears determined in this analysis. As the most important gear pair, from the aspect of determining the driving factor, the most loaded gear pair is taken, in which during the exploitation of the speed reducer the most interventions are made, compared to the other gear pairs of the gearbox.



  1. Hristovska E.: Оwn papers with this topic and data from experimental measurement
  2. Manual handling for the excavator SRs-630 and other technical documentation from the manufacturer TAKRAF-Germany
  3. Numerous documentation for modifications and repairs of gearboxes from the coalmine Suvodol-Bitola.

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