Geometric parameters in railroad crossing based reconstruction of Iliantsi-Curilo and Curilo-Rebrovo

  • 1 University of architecture, civil engineering and geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria


Railroad crossings are a point of conflict between rail and road transport. Failure to abide by the rules and their malfunctioning leads to human casualties. The solution is to improve transport infrastructure. In the course of renewal of the railways in the form of rehabilitation, reconstruction, emergency repairs, new construction and more, it is inevitably necessary to intersect road infrastructure. This is done by crossing at one or two levels. During the construction of the main railway lines in Bulgaria, the safety requirements, the load of the road infrastructure, the current speeds, the financial possibilities and other factors led to the construction of many railroad crossings 757 [1]. They are on the secondary and major railway lines, especially outside the large settlements.
Of course, with the construction of new routes, intersections at two levels are envisaged and constructed [2, 3], but at the same time the railroad crossings on the rest of the railway network requiring higher safety criteria have to be maintained. This necessitates the replacement of many elements of the railway and the pavement [4], which in turn leads to a change in the conditions for the reconstruction of the railroad crossings. The report examines a specific case of construction practice – reconstruction of railroad crossings along the second railway line in the area of Iskar Gorge [5], but the conclusions it requires are valid for most existing railroad crossings.



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