Researching of the factors determinant safety movement of the train in braking regime – impact of braking force on the superstructure of the railway with regard to the interoperability and the experience of the railway section Gorna Oriahovitsa

  • 1 University of Architecture Civil engineering and Geodesy – Sofia, Bulgaria


The horizontal reaction of the rail is very important to the creation of the braking force. The value of rail reaction is equal to the value of the braking force. The subject of the article is the determination of braking force in two different ways. The first is based on braking pressure for one braking jay and friction between braking jay and wheel for vehicles equipped with block brake. The second is based on braked weight and braked weight percentage. The theoretical results obtained by the two methods are compared on the basis of the need for interoperability under Regulation 1299/2014 relating to Infrastructure subsystem of the rail system of the EU. The practical impact of braking force in declivities with a gradient of slope over 15 ‰ has been established on the basis of direct observations and analyzes. The experience in the operation of heavily inclined sections of the Gorna Oryahovitsa railway section has been used.



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