Some approaches to the non-destructive control of composite materials used in the aerospace industry

  • 1 Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Metal Science Equipment and Technologies with Hydro- and Aaerodynamics Centre “Acad. A Balevski”, Sofia, Bulgaria


One of the priority areas for the use of composite materials is the aerospace industry. A number of evaluations have shown that their use in the manufacture of modern aircraft and helicopters lead to a reduction in weight of the respective parts with 20-30% compared to the same manufactured from conventional materials. In this case, an increase in the resistance of the respective part to external influences is usually achieved, and in many cases a decrease in its production cost.
The increasing use of composite materials in the aerospace industry requires analyzing options for their diagnosis and non-destructive examination of their quality, taking into account their specific features. Because of the enormous diversity and complexity composition for composite materials, various methods of diagnosis have different efficiencies for different types of composites. In many cases, composites contain highly porous or fibrous layers, which results in a strong attenuation of the acoustic waves and render the acoustic method inapplicable to their non-destructive control. In these and other cases, the use of emerging methods for their non-destructive ultra-high frequency (microwave) diagnostics is of interest.



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