Development of railway junction Sofia based of project for reconstruction and modernization

  • 1 University of architecture, civil engineering and geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria


From 2013 to 2015, an “Instrument for the preparation of railway projects on the trans-European transport network” is implemented. The project is funded under Priority Axis 5 “Technical Assistance” of the Operational Program Transport 2007-2014. A total of 11 project preparation lots are being developed. The most important are the projects for the development of Sofia railway junction, Burgas railway junction, reconstruction and modernization of existing stations, preparation of detailed development plans and technical design for new stops and buildings, assessment and verification of compliance with the requirements for interoperability. For the technical design phase, the following projects are being developed: “Modernization of the Sofia – Dragoman railway line”, “Modernization of the Sofia – Pernik – Radomir railway line,” Development of the Sofia railway junction “and” Development of the Burgas railway junction “. Field surveys are conducted to search for archaeological sites within the scope of the projects. The article examines projects in terms of the need for exceptions to Ordinance 55.



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