Parametric design of a waste-to-energy plant using rankine thermodynamic power cycle

  • 1 Polytechnic University of Tirana, Department of Energy Engineering, Tirana, Albania


Handling with municipal solid waste nowadays is becoming a global challenge. Albania is facing equally this issue. Although, in recent years a considerable progress has been achieved, still the country is lagging behind the EU states. In generally, the overall progress is slow and the requirements set by the policy and legal framework are not met. However, in recent years in Albania there are some developments related to solve the waste treatment dilemma. Thus, the government chose the public-private partnership model to operate in this field. Therefore currently in Albania are proposed three waste firing plants, placed in Elbasan and Tirana, central Albania and Fier,
southwest of the country. The Elbasan waste to energy plant is in operation since June 2017. Another plant in Fier is projected to start operation soon. This article aims to optimize a 5.5 MWe waste to energy plant in the Albanian conditions. Parametric design of thermodynamic properties of the WtE plant based Rankine cycle model are presented in this study. Optimization of plant efficiency in relation to extraction pressure and feed-water temperature is some of the outputs of this study.



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