Application of Dijkstra algorithm to a tramway system of the ongoing expansion city of Tirana

  • 1 Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania


The population of the city of Tirana is getting bigger. Transportation in this city has become extremely heavy. Many of its citizens choose to move using their vehicles thus causing an overcrowded traffic. It has happened to all of us to get stuck in the traffic of Tirana, to be late for our destinations and to be stressed by that chaos.
The use of public transport would be a successful way of reducing the traffic. In this paper we have treated Dijkstra Algorithm and its application in railway system of transport for the proposed Tram system for the city of Tirana. Considering the expansion(map) and relief of this city, we think that it is very favorable to build a tram system in this city. The results of this paper help to have a clear idea of the construction of the tram and a prediction of how it will work and how much it can facilitate the traffic in Tirana.



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