Redesigning the layout of an existing railway station according to the tsi and ordinance no. 55 reqirements in the case of uninterrupted mainline operation

  • 1 University of Architecture, Civil engineering and Geodesy, Sofia


In this paper, the problems in redesigning a new track layout of an existing railway station according to the reqirements in the TSI “Infrastructure” and Ordinance No. 55 are examined and analyzed in the case of maintaining mainline operation during construction. The paper has been compiled on the basis of experience in designing the track layout of 3 existing railway stations from the Bulgarian network, as well as experience working with the current regulations and interoperability reqirements of the railway systems in the EU. The necessities for making changes in vertical and horizontal track alignment and switch layout are considered in opposition to the technolog ical, electrical and gauge limitations when carrying out construction works without the complete disruption of railway traffic. The conclusions of the report are formulated as guidelines for good practices when redesigning an existing layout – the practices that fully satisfy the imperative norms and balances between contradictory  equirements.



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