Extension of geometry and investigation of deformation on crossed helical gears to increase load capacity and performance

  • 1 Ruhr-University Bochum Germany


Crossed helical gear units are used in many applications. They range from actuators and power take-offs to household appliances and functions in automotive engineering and production processes. The design is often based on a material combination of steel-worm and plastic-wheel. Based on the research on high efficient plastic materials, they already replace a large number of steel applications. In order to improve the load capacity and performance of crossed helical gears, they must be understood in detail. This article deals with a new calculation method to design optimized flank geometries and to investigate them with regard to their properties in gear mesh. In addition, the deformation and the load distribution in the gear mesh will be examined in more detail. The observation is made in the normal section. In this section, all relevant influences on the performance of the gearing can be analyzed. The pressure and deformation are verified with the help of an FEM-simulations.



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