Perspectives of the auto world during the pandemic – international and national view


We live in a time of the Covid pandemic, when losses are being noticed in the car industry. Experts state that stabilization of the market is not expected before 2023. Data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) showed that for the first time in 2021, hybrid electric cars were equalized with “diesels” on the European Union market. Last year, 1.901.239 new hybrid electric vehicles were registered on the common market. In April 2021, our capital Belgrade was awarded for the best Urban Mobility Plan. Our city has increased the safety of traffic participants, given priority to pedestrians and cyclists, reduced emissions and improved energy efficiency, while expanding pedestrian zones. The National Association of Autonomous and Electric Vehicles has launched a project aimed at increasing environmentally friendly traffic in Serbia. Eco 2 line of electric buses works in Belgrade from January 2022. And in Serbia, parts for Audi, Porsche and BMW will be produced in the “Motherson” factory, which was opened at the end of November 2021.



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