Traffic management system in the city of Rijeka

  • 1 University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies, Rijeka, Croatia
  • 2 University Of Rijeka, Faculty of Economics and Business


This article analyzes examples of good traffic management practices in several European cities. The practices analyzed relate to providing more accurate information about public transport arrivals, optimizing demand for crosswalks, reducing congestion in urban areas, and reducing demand for trips to parking lots in the city center. Smart mobility projects such as CEKOM Connected Traf fic create high-quality urban transport solutions and promote innovative, sustainable, clean and energy-efficient transport modes. The aim of this paper is to present the positive results of different traffic management methods that lead to better traffic flow, less congestion, lower primary energy consumption and less pollutant emissions.
The activities of this scientific research project are related to the development of innovative urban and multimodal solutions in the city of Rijeka. The primary outcome indicator will be a platform for aggregating data for urban mobility and transport decision making. The scope of the platform envisions more efficient use of public-private infrastructure, resources, and assets in the field of transport. In addition, it was necessary to accurately measure traffic, meteorological and environmental parameters in the city of Rijeka to protect the environment, increase safety and achieve sustainability of the transport system in the urban area.
As part of the research activities of the Connected Traffic project, a prototype solution for traffic simulations has been developed. The aim of the simulations is to show how the use of innovative methods in the context of intelligent solutions can manage traffic in urban areas. The purpose of the simulation is to test innovative scenarios and standard operating procedures for decision support.



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