Efficiency of intervention technologies for snow removal equipment on public roads

  • 1 Technical University “Gh. Asachi” of Iasi, Romania


The activity of snow removal on public roads is of particular importance for ensuring road transport in winter and implicitly for maintaining a stable, predictable and efficient economic and social climate. The organization of road snow removal is usually done by the local public authorities, through the public road administrator, varying depending on the geographical and climatic location of the road site. In Romania, the snow removal activity is regulated by the “Regulation on preventing and combating snow on public roads”, indicative AND 525-2013, developed by the National Company of National Highways and National Roads in Romania. The snow removal activity is usually performed on the basis of a service contract and is temporary, depending on the evolution of meteorological phenomena and climatic zones.
The actions to prevent and combat the consequences of dangerous meteorological phenomena are carried out according to their intensity on the following phases, as follows: prevention of icing formation and its neutralization, spreading of anti-skid material and snow removal. The preventive spreading of the anti-skid material is recommended to be done first on the entry / exit arteries in / from the localities. The activity of mechanical cleaning of public roads (streets, bridges, alleys, roundabouts) of snow with blade machines is performed when the snow layer exceeds the thickness of 5 cm. The activity is carried out by successive passages, starting from the axis of the road to the curb, until the complete removal of the snow layer.



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