Modification of the interior of a passenger car for the needs of fisherman

  • 1 University of Žilina, Slovak Republic


The main objective of the paper is to design a structure for the interior of the Hyundai ix20 passenger car, which is used by recreational fishing enthusiasts. The authors set out to use the luggage compartment (boot) of the vehicle appropriately for the placement of the multifunctional folding structure. The structure is designed to allow the most effective utilization of each of its components. The individual parts of the structure can, for example, be employed to assemble a table. Moreover, it is suitable for storing things needed for fishing, camping, and travelling. An integral part of the arrangement is a folding bed for two people. One of the design purposes was the comfort and uncomplicated operation of the entire structure by the user. The authors attended to carry out the modification without any interference into the interior or exterior of the vehicle. In addition, one of the conditions was to ensure free access to the components of the mandatory equipment of the car. The authors designed the structure in order to ensure the simple handling of its individual parts along with its simple installation in and removal from the vehicle. From the point of view of safety, a calculation of the stressed parts of the bed structure was performed. Thus, the structure was designed and constructed with regard to minimising the reduction of the original vehicle luggage compartment. In addition, the condition of no interference into the interior or exterior of the vehicle was met.



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