Analysis of pedestrian road safety in the Republic of Croatia

  • 1 Faculty of Transport and Traffic Science, Zagreb, Croatia


Pedestrians are a special category of road traffic participants. The special feature of pedestrian traffic is that it is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or knowledge of traffic. Pedestrians do not usually wear protective clothing and have a low and vulnerable position on the road compared to other road users. In road accidents involving pedestrians, 96% of those involved were injured due to inadequate pedestrian protection. Pedestrians are responsible for about 20% of all road traffic fatalities, although the proportion of road accidents involving pedestrians is only 4%. This shows that pedestrians are an extremely vulnerable group of participants. Therefore, this paper presents an analysis of all traffic accidents involving pedestrians in a five-year period in the Republic of Croatia. It is analysed in which locations and for what reasons traffic accidents occur in which pedestrians suffer fatal consequences. The analysis is conducted so that the micro-locations where pedestrian accidents occur can be further investigated.



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