The impact of tehnological changes on the future of work in transportation

  • 1 University of Belgrade Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia
  • 2 Intico ltd, Belgrade, Serbia


Transport plays an important role in the economic and social development of each country. It also has a major impact on growth and employment. Today, transport faces great uncertainties and problems that will continue to have a strong and unpredictable impact on transport services and transport jobs in the future. Transport jobs are about to change in the coming period – on the one hand due to the development of technology, but also due to other factors, such as the rapid evolution in the organization of work and the nature of labour relations. It is the responsibility of all stakeholders in transport to prepare for these changes – to manage it, minimize its costs and maximize its benefits. The paper presents sets of measures that stakeholders in transport could apply to prepare for upcoming changes.



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